I am currently a student in the "École Normale Supérieure" in Paris, in the mathematics department. I have finished my master degree (in fundamental mathematics) and I am starting a CIFRE PhD program with Yann Ollivier (FAIR Paris) and the team TAU of INRIA.

While having a theoretical background (topology, geometry, probability theory, algebra, ...) I am fascinated by the unbelievable recent achievements in Artificial Intelligence. What I want to study is the mathematical aspects of these methods, in order to understand why it works, and how we can go futher.


I am starting a CIFRE PhD program with Yann Ollivier. My research interests are Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Reinforcment Learning, Information Theory, Kolmogorov Complexity and Solomonoff's induction theory, Learning Theory, Bayesian Statistics, ...


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